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Bill’s is your local Dallas auto glass expert. We value the trust you place in us when you let us handle your Dallas auto glass. This is why we offer a combination of excellent service and meticulously selected products. We at Bill’s Auto Glass like to think of ourselves as your friendly neighbors whom you can look to when you need a solution. All our technicians and service men are highly trained experts who have at least 10 years of experience helping people repair their windshield glass. What’s more, we can offer you a price you simply cannot say no to.

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Affordable, Permanent Windshield Repair

Our windshield repair services are affordable, quick and easy. Many a times, gravel and stones are thrown up by passing vehicles which can hit your car’s windshields leading to small, often unnoticeable chips in them. While these may be seemingly invisible in the beginning, however they can easily grow into larger breaks or even cracks. If you have noticed a chip in your vehicle’s windshield, it is highly recommended that you get your car to our service station immediately and let our repair experts take a look at it. You should also know that most insurance companies will waive Dallas auto glass breakage deductibles and encourage chip repair before they turn into cracks, which are more Dallas, TXexpensive to treat. Our windshield repair technology works by forcing the air out of the chipped area of the glass and replacing it with a special resin. As this resin takes hold, it yields a windshield which has the same strength as the original. This repair however, is only possible if the outer layer of the laminated glass is damaged and if the chip itself is no larger than a quarter and is not present directly in the driver’s line of sight.

Dallas Windshield Replacement Service

It is entirely possible that the glass on your vehicle’s windshields, door windows or mirrors can get cracked. In which case the only alternative is to replace it entirely. Our technicians are some of the most seasoned professionals in dealing with Dallas windshield replacement. We have extensive experience replacing glass on almost every variety of vehicles and makes. We also only work with brand name urethane and premium glass to ensure that the finished product lasts and lasts long! In fact we dare say that the new Dallas auto glass we install will be as good as the original! What’s more we offer a lifetime warranty on all our auto glass and windshield installations which covers leaks, glass and workmanship defects and will last as long as you own the vehicle.

Dallas Windshield Replacement

A Few Things About Our Repair Services…

Only quality installation by certified professionals…While we have recruited some of the best talents, we have also taken the time out to bring them up to speed on the latest tools and techniques for Dallas windshield replacement.

Your vehicle’s hood, dashboard and steering wheels will be safe…We will ensure that no damage will ever come to your vehicle’s interiors.

Short recovery timeline…Your automobile will become “road worthy” immediately as it leaves our facility and will take on snow or rain with impunity!

All broken glass will be removed after the job is finished…We will vacuum clean your vehicle to remove any and all the broken glass after the work is finished.  This includes our affiliate Frisco auto glass.

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