When you need windshield replacement in Plano, TX, chances are you’re going to do one of two things. You’re going take out your smart phone and try to find some services around you that are top rated or you’re going to go with whatever option someone else recommends to you. […]

Convenient Windshield Replacement Service

plano windshield glass
Nobody wants to be in a situation of needing Plano windshield glass service like window replacement or windshield repair. However, when the situation occurs, you need to take action immediately and take it to your local auto glass repair shop in the city of Plano, TX. The condition of your windshield […]

Plano Windshield Glass Proper Treatment

There are two kinds of windshield glass used in vehicles nowadays, tempered glass and laminated glass. Tempered glass is ten times stronger than regular glass and normally installed on side and rear windows of a car. Laminated glass is even stronger than tempered glass, it’s made of several layers of […]

Windshield Glass Replacement Avoidence

Auto glass may look like regular glass being used for other stuff like house windows, appliance or furniture, but actually auto glass materials are nothing like those. Auto windows are glass materials that are installed on the body of a vehicle surrounding the driver and passengers, this includes the side and […]

Auto Glass Materials Important Facts

Windshield Replacement
Damaged windshield is dangerous and you shouldn’t wait very long to get it replaced. In many states in the USA it’s even illegal to drive a vehicle with a cracked windshield that’s larger than a dollar bill. However, being pulled over by a police over and pay a fine should […]

Windshield Replacement Services in Euless, TX

Auto glass are parts of a vehicle that can damage easily. We often see broken windshield glass scattered on a street even in a small collision. Windshield is usually stronger than the rest of the auto glass installed in a vehicle when it comes to collision, normally it will stay intact […]

Windshield Glass Repair In The City Of Allen, TX

Compared to other parts of a car, like the engine for example, auto glass of Carrollton often not gets the same level of attention. People tend to consider them “necessary” but not really that important. The fact is auto glass plays a very important role for your safety when driving. […]

Proper Carrollton Auto Glass Maintenance

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Ever wonder how your Irving auto glass came about? Originally, automobiles didn’t have windshields, people back then wore goggles when driving to protect their eyes from road debris, insects, wind and bad weather. However, goggles were not really efficient as a protection, especially from bad weather, and that’s why windshield […]

Auto Glass Maintenance During the Winter in Irving, TX

Windshield damage is almost impossible to avoid. No matter how careful you are on the road, there’s always a time when unexpected things happen and crack the glass. The most common is probably caused by small objects that fly on the road and smash into the windshield, forming a crater […]

Safety First – Don’t Wait To Fix Your Windshield